Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Injury Update…

I talked to my doctor this morning.  The MRI last week confirmed the stress fracture on my tibia and thankfully nothing else.

IMG_0982 Because I don’t have pain when I walk with this lovely boot, I get to avoid being on crutches.  I’ll be in this boot for another two weeks until I can walk normally without pain.

No running for another five weeks, but I can still spin, swim and do the elliptical between now and then.  I have my workout plan for the next five weeks and I am going to focus on staying in shape and getting ready to be able to run again when May 1st rolls around. 

I had hoped to be able to help pace Rochelle for the marathon, but it looks like that falls within the five week No Run Zone.  Guess I’ll have to organize my own cheering station for all my friends that are running that day.

Here’s what’s to come this week…

Rock n Roll recap, my friend Patti said she would write a recap from a runner’s point of view.

Food for race weekend.

Hotel from race weekend.

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