Thursday, March 22, 2012

Strides of March 5k Recap…

So this is my first race recap for a race that I didn’t participate in.  Jen ran the Strides of March 5k at Draper Lake on Sunday.  They also had a half marathon, and the entry fee was dirt cheap at only $35.  For a half marathon that’s a steal.

I got up and drove out to meet Jen and Jeff at Draper before the race started at 8.  I found Jen in the line for the port-o-potty.  It was not a very big race, but they only had three port-o-potties.  I thought they probably needed more based on the size of the lines.  Jen opted to wait since it was almost time for the race to start and there were quite a few people in line ahead of her still.  We told her it would make her run faster.

The 5k and the half marathon started at the same time, both were just out and back routes that were relatively flat around the lake.  Jen was off and Jeff and I got to hang out in the wind and sprinkles for her to return.

IMG_0979 Here she comes to the finish line.

She was the first woman to cross the finish line!

Here’s her results:

Place Name           Nettime      Guntime     Pace   Bib#

    1   Jen Bartlett      24:47          25:05       8:05    12

First overall female and first in her age group, she declined a second medal.

IMG_0980 The best thing?  She actually got a real prize, a $40 gift certificate to Red Coyote.

Gotta love the small local races with the perks you don’t get from the larger races.

Good job Jen!

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