Thursday, March 29, 2012

Post Cross Training Dinner...

Last night I got a double header of cross training in after work.  Pilates and spin.  I am sore today because of it, but I feel awesome having done it.

I even got this guy to come with me.
He even invested in a pair of bike shorts and opted to leave the Superman snuggie at home.  What a guy!  I am very lucky.

So after an hour of ab pain and an hour of Donna's Killer Spin Class, we headed home and I was starving.  I decided to whip up a batch of breakfast burritos, because it just sounded awesome.

First, I was looking for some hydration after sweating for an hour.  Seriously I think my close held about five pounds of sweat when I took them off.  Gotta love a workout that will make you nice and sweaty!

I decided to try the Zico dark chocolate coconut water that I purchased a few weeks ago. 

It was pretty tasty, although I have one kid that happens to not like anything and she loved it.  She asked again and again if I could buy more, at over $2 a pop it's a pretty expensive way to hydrate post workout, but if she'll drink it I might have to buy her some more.

For me I popped a Nuun pink lemonade tablet in my big glass of water and let it fizz away while I made dinner.

One potato, one fake sausage patty, a few canned mushrooms, three egg whites and one whole egg, Chia seeds, and some shredded cheddar cheese.  It only took about 20 minutes or so and then served up with warmed flour tortillas and a little bit of salsa and I was good to go.
I made today a rest day because I thought my body would love me for it.  I love getting a great night of sleep after a hard workout.
I still have every intention of recapping my weekend in Dallas with my running friends.  It was such a great trip!

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