Monday, April 30, 2012

April Foodie Pelpal...

This was my second month of the Foodie Penpal program, and I'm so happy I stuck around for another month.

This month my penpal was Ashley Lang.  She sent me a wonderful box of goodies.  I love that I get a box full of new things each month.

 The box came on a night that I went to the Y from work so my girls had to sit and start at it for a couple of hours.  They really wanted to open it for me, but it was still sealed tight when I got home.
 I love that it's just a surprise each time.  My treats this month were both yummy and healthy.
  • First the Go Raw Super Cookies are good.  I just love a cookie that packs a healthy punch and this one definitely does.  I have not heard of this brand before but I'm on the lookout for more.
  • I love apples, and the Crispy Apple Chips are just what you would want when you want something crunchy but not as bad for you as a bag of potato chips.
  • The Goji Berries Almond Crunch was my favorite.  I always claim to not be a big fan of almonds, but this made me rethink that assertion.  I ate the whole bag, and only shared a little with my family.  Sometimes it just has to be like that.
  • I don't usually eat Clif Bars, I usualy go with the related Luna Bars, I love that they say they are for women.  :-)  I took this as a sweet end to my lunch the other day.  I was surprised at how big it was, I ate about half of it and got my sweet tooth fix for the day.  It was chewy and yummy.
I think my favorite part is the note explaining all the stuff in the box.  It's nice to get a glimpse into why the items were selected for you. 

I can't wait to do it again in May.

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