Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rock n Roll Race Recap…

It has been almost three weeks since the Rock n Roll half marathon in Dallas.  I’ve already talked about the expo and our race weekend fueling.  Now it’s time to talk about race day.

Truth be told, it’s not the most fun race recap for me, but I have some great friends that ran the race in Dallas and it was a pretty fun day.  After taking an 800 mg ibuprofen on Saturday night I must say I got a great night’s sleep.  It was too bad I wasn’t running on Sunday.

We got up, at a pretty normal time on Sunday.  One of the advantages of staying at a hotel that was a block from the start is that everyone got to sleep in.  That made the hotel worth every penny.  Everyone got ready and we headed down to the starting line.

pre race  One of these things does not belong here.  Can you tell which one of us was not running the race?  Patti, Kelsey, me, Rochelle, Abby and Brian.  I did have my matching OK Runner shirt on under my long sleeved shirt.  It was a little chilly at the start if you weren’t going to be running.

ro 1 I just love this picture.  Rochelle wanted to climb on top of the statue but we were a little pressed for time.

ro 2 Rochelle was sporting some rocking awesome shorts to go with her OK Runner shirt.  Full disclosure, I loaned her those shorts.injured I was not the only person in a boot that day.  This was Brian’s aunt, she was supposed to race that day too.  Damn boots.  We both bought these awesome Brooks Rock n Roll shirts.  We didn’t even know that the other person had bought it at the expo until we showed up for the race.  Injured minds think ok runner    So here’s a funny story.  This is Patti and Kelsey with Jerry Faulkner.  Do you remember my store about the Cowtown marathon?  This is the Jerry Faulkner who’s race bib Scott wore when he won and then was disqualified from that race.  Jerry ended up running this half in about 1:09, he got sixth place.  Apparently, at about mile eight he just wasn’t feeling it.  I just think that’s awesome that he can just know that it’s not his day and be okay with finishing 6th.IMG_1005    And they’re off.  I left them getting into their corral and waited for them to pass me at the start.  If feeling injured has felt like everyone is running off and leaving me, this is surely what it was like when the gun went off and they headed off for the race.

I walked back up to our hotel room, had a good cry, and then headed down to the train station to catch the train to the fair grounds and the finish line.  I meet some very nice people on the train, lots of people navigating the public transportation of downtown Dallas.  I am a huge fan of public transportation.

IMG_1006 I meet this adorable little guy at the finish line.  He was like Penny but huge!  So friendly.

I staked out a spot at the finish and waited for everyone to run past me.  I didn’t do a very good job of getting pictures of everyone.

finish    I did catch Kelsey and Patti running past for Kelsey’s PR finish.  She did so good.  The conditions were not ideal, it was a beautiful morning, a little cool at the start but there were no clouds in the sky and with the blazing sun, by the time they all finished it was in the 80s outside.

IMG_1007    Can you tell that it was hot out there?  This is Kelsey and I hanging out at the finish.

IMG_1008 The best part about the finish was the free beer.  Rochelle got two.  I say she deserved it.

IMG_1009    Me, Abby and Rochelle.

So we made the long trek back to the train station, and waited for the train, and squeezed on and made our way back to the hotel.  From there we packed up all of our stuff and got ready to head out, to lunch.


Kelsey and Patti, waiting on everyone so we could go eat lunch.

It really was a great weekend, and even though I didn’t get to run the race, I was very glad to be able to support my friends while they did.  I can’t wait to go back next year.

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