Friday, April 6, 2012

Fitness Challenge…

We have done two Treadmill Challenges at my work. For February and March if you walked 40 miles (15 minutes = 1 mile) for the month on our treadmills we have at the office you could earn a half day of vacation time.

Hello, who wouldn't do that? Turns out a lot of people won't do that. I sure did. One free vacation day, check.

For April I thought we would change it up and we copied off of my sister Jen. We are having a Fitness Challenge. You exercise 30 minutes 3 times a week for four weeks and you earn a half day of vacation time. Who doesn't want free time away from work? You would be surprised…

Anyway I sent out an email to see how people are doing so far, almost one week down and three to go. (Funny that's how long I have until I can run again.) *sigh* So I got a thank you for doing this, always appreciated, and some other positive feedback on it all. This is also appreciated. I did get one new workout that I am going to have to try.

100 push-ups

100 sit-ups

100 side crunches (don't forget to do both sides!)

100 squats

100 leg lifts

Between sets throw in some leg extension holds and planks.

This should take you about 45 minutes.

How long can you hold a plank? Do you like to plan on your hands or your elbows?

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