Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tornado Saturday…

Well the weatherman was predicting “Maximum Destruction” on Saturday.  Thankfully, the weather didn’t turn out like the weatherman said, but it was a pretty fun day.

Here’s how the day shaped up:

After I kicked Josh out of bed to go meet Kelsey for a run that she didn’t show up for at 6 am, I got up and got around and got to the Y for the 8 am Pilates/Sets & Reps class.

The class is a combination of two classes, you alternated doing exercises from each type of class.



After an hour of that fun, from which my shoulders are pretty sore today, I headed over to the Super-Sized Spin class.  I went with Kim, and she hates the bike.


This is a picture of us from Wednesday night’s spin class.  Can you tell that we are both completely covered in sweat and that we had spent the previous hour spinning our booties off?  It is a hard class, and I am hoping it’s keeping me as fit as I need to be for when I start back to running in a few weeks.

Anyway, we headed to Donna B’s hour and fifteen minute long spin class after an hour of weights/Pilates.  We seriously must be insane.

So we sat our booties on these:

image And we worked it for an hour and fifteen minutes.  Did I already say that?  Well it was meant to be a little impressive, so it bears repeating.

On a side note, when I looked for this picture, which I found here, I found out that these bikes are worth big bucks.  Like $1,500 on sale.  I had no idea.

So after all that working out and sweating, we had to go sit in the sauna.  There comes a point that you just can’t get any wetter. (Name that movie, okay it’s Four Weddings and a Funeral)

So we got a little more sweat on, and then since we were heading here we decided it would be a good idea to try off our sweaty shirts with the hand dryers in the women’s locker room.  We are all about being classy.


This is my favorite store, I swear I always find things in here that I would love to have.  Lucky for Josh I hadn’t brought my wallet with me.  We were going in to try on a cute tank top that we are all getting for the Memorial.

Josh actually asked me why I need the shirt if I’m not running.  I am still part of our imaginary running team, and if I’m going to be out on route support on race day, I sure need to look the part.


And besides, how cute is this top?  I don’t usually run in tank tops, but this would sure be cute, and very nice to run in this summer.  I have a feeling it’ll be a hot one.

So after we visited at my favorite store with Kelsey, who apologized over and over again for standing Josh up for their run, I headed home.  As I said before, the weatherman was saying it was going to get bad yesterday, so I wanted to be prepared.

I started first by making these:

imageWhat do you need if you could be spending part of your evening in the storm shelter?  Chocolate chip cookies, of course.  Plus we thought the Browns might be coming over again, and I know that Austin and Avery just love cookies.  It’s always nice to be able to be that aunt or friend that has great baked goods and is willing to let you have as many as you like whenever you come over.

After the cookies I decided to make some more of these:


My first batch of English muffins didn’t turn out as perfect as I would have liked, so I decided to give it another go.  This batch turned out wonderfully.  I didn’t make them too big and they mostly all turned out shaped like an English muffin should be.  I had a fake chicken English muffin for dinner, and then I had two over easy eggs with an English muffin for breakfast.  I did refrain from having one for lunch this afternoon.  And I will be sure to not have one for dinner tonight.  I should probably keep the maximum number of English muffins in a day to one.  I’m not gonna lie to you, it’s hard because they are really good.  Even if I do say so myself, which I do.

The Browns did come over and we hung out and watched coverage of tornadoes in the northeastern part of Oklahoma.  There were no trips to the storm shelter, and we didn’t actually get to see if you can fit four adults, four children and two dogs in there.  It is springtime in Oklahoma, so I am sure we could get another opportunity.  There was a little Rock Band, although I was only a spectator. 

We did get up and run some errands today.  We even bought a tent!  I can’t hardly believe it.  Big camping trip for Jeff’s birthday next weekend.  I never thought I’d be a tent owner.  Guess on the bright side, we will never be homeless.

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