Monday, April 2, 2012

March Marathon Training…

My marathon training came to a screeching halt on March 10th.  My 18 mile long run turned into a 14 mile run when I started having pain in my right leg.

That lead to the chiropractor and then my orthopedic doctor where I had x-rays and then an MRI to confirm my stress fracture on my tibia.  I only got in 53 miles for March, and had to go be a spectator at the Rock n Roll half marathon in Dallas.

I should have another week in the boot, April will be the month of cross training.  No Marathon encore in Oklahoma City this year, thankfully they deferred my registration for 2013.  If all goes well I should be cleared to start running again two days after the race.

I am trying hard to be done being angry about it all.  I am trying to be done being sad.  It is hard.  It’s hard to know my friends are out there pounding the pavement without me.  I hate missing a run with them.  I always say that I’m in it for the fun, but I am very lucky to have an amazing group of women that I run with and there is nothing I’d rather do at 5:15 on a week day morning than meet up with them for a run.

My hope is that everyone else will be slowing back down after the marathon and I’ll fit right back in to their recovery and my starting from scratch.

There will be other races, and there will probably be other injuries.  I just hope that there are more of the first than the second.

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