Friday, April 13, 2012

This is Springtime in Oklahoma…

So the weatherman has been talking about springtime weather happening around here the last few days.  Apparently it was going to roll in this afternoon and then there is a high likelihood that tomorrow afternoon could be worse.

Well I don’t know if that is possible.  I was supposed to be home this afternoon baking cupcakes for Beer Sprocket.  With the possibility of severe weather and the fact that the event was going to be outside in a covered pavilion, they moved it back to May 12th.  I decided to not take this afternoon off from work since there would be no baking going on.

Josh and I talked this afternoon about him leaving work a little early.  The kiddos get home from school at 4 and I didn’t want them to be hanging out if the weather was going to get bad.  He left work about 30 minutes early.  I talked to Carson at 3:45 and told her he was on his way, they were still on the bus and she said it was raining.

They got home at 4, right about the time a tornado hit Norman.  Camy was talking to Josh when the sirens started going off and he told them to get the dogs and get in the storm shelter.  She said they didn’t want to, which I can understand it’s dark and smelly down there.  Their call got cut off.  The circuits at this point were pretty jammed and it was hard to get a call to go through.

When he did get ahold of her again, before they got cut off again, he said that he heard a man’s voice in the background.  Thankfully our friends Ross and Rochelle live in our old neighborhood, which happens to be about a mile from our current neighborhood.

browns    Well apparently when there is a tornado coming they can make it to my house in under 45 seconds.  They got here, pounded on the door so my kids would let them in and they rounded everyone up, including the dogs and got down in the storm shelter. 

tornado    This is the shot that Ross took down there.  I cropped Ro out of the picture, because it was not a very flattering shot of her, and I’ve got her back like that, That is Avery’s curly brown head, Camy appears to be on her phone {no shock there, she better have been trying to text her mom and tell her they were alive}, Austin is in the back playing with the demon-eyed Rocky who was probably about to have a heard attack at this point, and Carson who I hear didn’t handle the whole situation without tears.  I can’t say that I blame her, I almost had tears and I wasn’t even there.

Gotta be thankful for friends that will high tail it over to your house and rescue your kiddos in an emergency.  The tornado wasn’t a huge one, but it did do some damage to Norman, and not very far from us either.

image    (source) 

This is a shot of damage that is only a couple of miles from where we live.  It is not very far from the girls’ school, and I haven’t heard a report on damage there yet.

What a crazy day!  The Browns stayed and we got Pizza Shuttle for dinner.  We thought there might be a second wave of storms, but so far there hasn’t been.  Tomorrow is setting up to be just as interesting, and we are thinking about heading to the OU football stadium to hang out with some friends and have a little tornado watch party.  We shall see.

First up tomorrow is a Pilates & reps class, followed by a spin class.  Just because there could be bad weather in the afternoon doesn’t mean I shouldn’t get my workout on in the morning.

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