Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rock n Roll Fueling…

Well it’s only been two weeks since the Rock n Roll half marathon in Dallas.  I guess I better get the rest of my recaps done.

Most importantly, we’ll talk about the food.

After we hit up the expo we decided to hang out at the sports bar at our hotel for a while for beverages and snacks.


We sat on the patio and had a beverage or two, some disappointing chips and salsa and enjoyed a beautiful afternoon.

IMG_1018Rochelle and I, you can’t see how beautiful it was out there from these pictures.IMG_0997Abby and Brian.IMG_0998My self portrait.  I had to take this picture to send to Kim to tell her how much we missed here.  We did manage to get lots of pictures without our group photographer.

After a few hours of hanging out we headed to the train for dinner.  I love a town with public transportation.  I swear I would take a train if we had one here.  I don’t need a car.

We went to Campisi’s for dinner.  Apparently the one on Mockingbird was the best so we went there.  We did get a little lost after we got off the train trying to figure out which direction we were supposed to walk to find the restaurant.  There was an almost altercation with a bus driver, but we won’t get into that.

We managed to find our way here…


campisis menu

I ended up sharing one of the few vegetarian items on the menu with Patti, she had given up meat for lent.  In all the food was okay.  The salad had a ton of salad dressing and the lettuce seemed a little soggy.  I wasn’t too impressed with the eggplant, but the angel hair pasta with their red sauce was good.

We did have pictures…

dinner 1Rochelle and Abby, I just love these girls.

dinner 2This is a not so good picture of the entire group.  It was pretty dark in the restaurant.

After dinner we headed back to the train and took a very interesting ride back to the hotel.  The train in downtown Dallas is great for people watching on a Saturday evening.

There were more pictures…

IMG_0999Abby and Brian.IMG_1001Rochelle and Patti.IMG_1017Rochelle, Patti and I.

It was back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep and getting ready for race day.  Well everyone but me getting ready for race day.

After the race, we went to Chuy’s for lunch.

IMG_1015 I believe this was the original Chuy’s, and I can’t wait for them to open their location in Norman next month.  It is the best Mexican food.


I only felt a little guilty that I had all this wonderful food without having the opportunity to burn off about 1200 calories beforehand.  The veggie enchilada was good, but the chile relleno was awesome.  I had never had one before and I will definitely have another one as soon as they open here.

The homemade flour tortillas were to die for.  They simply melted in your mouth.  Patti ended up getting some to go and it was a good thing we got home when we did, or we would have had to break into them.

It was a long ride home.  We ended up getting stuck in traffic just north of the Red River and it took us an eternity to go about 15 miles.  In fact, the guy that won the half marathon could have run those miles faster than it took us to drive them.


Oh fun times.

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