Thursday, April 19, 2012


Well it's Wednesday again so I'll do another WIAW post.  In case you forgot, it stands for What I Ate Wednesday.  So here we go...

Breakfast was yummy!  I had a homemade breakfast sandwich, with one of the English muffins I made on Sunday, a little Laughing Cow garlic and herb cheese, a Morningstar maple flavored "sausage" Patti, and one egg white with some Chia seeds...

 Looks pretty yummy, right?  I just made it and wrapped it up and brought it to work with me.  I love a breakfast that can be portable if you need it to be.

I was going to go with my usually Greek yogurt with Chia seeds and homemade granola, but I woke up starving this morning.  Might have something to do with the two Flirtinis and a heavenly chocolate dessert at Blu.

The flirtini just called to me from the drink menu:
vodka/triple sec/spumante/pineapple juice

I had two, and on a school night!  But since this isn't What I Ate Tuesday, let's carry on...

To go with my breakfast, I went for what I am trying to make part of my usual morning routine.  A cup of dark chocolate almond milk.  I could go on and on about this, it's so yummy.  My cholesterol likes it too, which is always good.  Plus it's got twice as much calcium as regular milk and in light of my recent (and never ending) tibia stress fracture, I am really making an effort to get my calcium every day. 

Now I am just working on my water bottle, which has some NUUN in it.  Triple berry flavor, so good.  I am hoping it'll make me feel less like I had a couple of drinks on a school night.  I am hoping to get in 40 oz of water before lunch time.

So for lunch today we walked over to Iguana Mexican Grill.  Well the girls I went with walked, and I crutched my way over there.  If that is not a word, then it should be.  I didn't get a picture of my lunch, but here's what I had:

  I, of course went with the spinach and mushroom, and I chose the black beans as my side.  I was a little disappointed in the black beans though.  I thought they would have a bit more flavor.  Overall it was very yummy.  They have the best salsa there.

I drank a ton of water, and I'm working on my second 20 bottle of water at my desk.  It's kind of a pain to have to pee so often though, the two doors that I have to go through to get to the bathroom are heavy and it's not so easy on my crutches.

I headed from work to the Y where I did 15 minutes on the arc trainer, and then my new favorite class, Donna's hour long spin class. 

On the way I had this Luna Bar, I love Luna Bars!  When I got home I ate the rest of these Everybody's Nuts Pistachios.  Some were salt and pepper, some were sweet chili flavored.  Yum!

For dinner we had Vegetarian American Chop Suey.  It was leftover from Monday night.  I changed it up since I didn't think there was enough pasta in the dish the first time.  We ended up adding cheese tortellini to it, so it felt more like a pasta dish.  With a salad and some garlic bread I was stuffed.

I had one chocolate chip cookie and at 8:45 I just had to go to bed.

So that's it.  Sure seems like alot when I put it all down.


  1. I normally just buy the plain, unsalted pistachios, which I really like the taste of. Just for variety sake though, I'm now thinking that I should flavor my own with pepper, garlic, chili powder, etc!

    1. That sounds yummy! I love homemade, but the ones I've been buying are so good! I am completely addicted.