Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me...

Tomorrow I will be 38.  Man, I remember when my parents were 38 I thought they were so old!  I sure hope my kiddos don't think of me like that because I don't feel old.

It has sure been a great weekend.  After getting cleared by my doctor to run again last week, I met up with my girls on Friday morning for a run and it was BEAUTIFUL outside.  They ran 4.5 and I did about 3.5. It was slow and there was walking but it felt so good to be outside doing what I love at 5:15 in the morning.  Saturday morning we met up again and I did about the same distance while they did six miles on one of my favorite out and back routes.  I never thought I would say that I can't wait to run some hills again.  We followed up the run with weights {shoulders and biceps I think it was} and some sauna time.

Afterwards I headed home for a nap.  We were heading out for my birthday Saturday night and I wanted to rest up.  First I had to make some peanut butter dog treats for a very special dog.

Lance was turning 10 on Saturday.  I had to bake up some love for a fellow Gemini.  Lance works at OK Runner, my favorite running store.  He seemed to like the treats I made him.  I have to remember next time to make them bigger.  I think he might have swallowed one of them whole.  His mouth is a lot bigger than the ones we have around here.

Afterwards I got some errands in and then got ready to head out to Local for dinner with friends.

Kim and Rochelle

Rochelle and I

Abby and Patti

The girls.
You might be wondering where all the boys were during all these pictures.  Well we had the girls on one end of the table and the girls on the other and it worked out fabulously.  We had drinks...
This is a free glass of wine our waiter brought me, it was yummy.  It is also the Thunder Up that I ordered.  It was also delicious.

Then there was the food.  I had the...
seasonal roasted vegetables in tomato basil broth, toasted bread, soft poached egg 

Josh had the...
MEATLOAF CUPCAKES // 14 mushroom sauce, goat cheese biscuit

Dessert was the cheesecake I have been dreaming about.
WHITE CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE // 6 pistachio crust, caramel and pistachio brittle
But we couldn't get just one dessert so we also got the...
FLOURLESS CHOCOLATE CAKE // 6 vanilla gelato, fresh raspberry

As we were leaving Josh took the opportunity to make himself look taller than me for a change.

I don't know who he thinks he's fooling.  Afterwards we headed over to Kim and Dwight's house to hang out by the pool and continue the festivities.  There were some firsts that happened, but I won't go into them.  Let's just say it was a great birthday.

Tomorrow morning I get to meet everyone for a fun to celebrate my birthday.  We are meeting up at 5am, so I better get some sleep.

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