Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WIAW #7...

So I went to Sam's last Thursday and decided to take the plunge.  I bought a 3 pound package of kiwi.  What is the plural of kiwi?  Kiwis?  That doesn't sound right.  Anyway...
I have only had kiwi on a fruit tart or in the green smoothies we have made.  {I do still have two frozen green smooties in my freezer, I can't bring myself to thaw them out after the green smoothie sour pickle incident a while back.  *sigh*}

So what to do with three pounds of kiwi fruit?  Well give some of them away, of course.  I don't live in a house full of fruit and veggie lovers, so three of these went to live at Abby's house.  The rest have been a part of my morning yogurt.  Hello yummy goodness! 

 This picture was from last week, but I am having the same for this morning's breakfast.  (Boring, right?)  I have Greek yogurt today, but with the bananas, kiwi, homemade granola and chia seeds I like to think that this is a healthy way to start my day.

I've got some Tazo green tea for after I finish this.  I was in the habit of having green tea every morning, but just stopped a while back.  Even though it's summer I think I'll get back in the habit.  It is, after all, below freezing where I work so it's always nice to have something to help keep me warm.  Gloves might help too.

 The OU Medicine Corporate Challenge was this past weekend, and the company I work for Imagenet Consulting {formerly, BMI+Imagenet and before that BMI Systems} was participating for the third year in a row.  I wonder wha tour name will be next year.

Sunday after the women's relay we were walking back to our tent and spotted this food truck and it just called to me.  Waffle Champion, I had never heard of them before.  The food we had delivered for lunch was BBQ, not very vegetarian friendly, so I decided to give the the Waffle Champion a try.  I ordered a savory waffle, it had chicken, sharp cheddar, and scrambled eggs with tomatillo salsa.  I had them hold the chicken, of course.

I could kick myself for not taking a picture of it before I inhaled it, it was so good.  Like a waffle taco, really.  It was really hard, but I kept control of myself and did not go back for a sweet waffle after I finished the savory one.  They had one with one of my new favorite things, Nutella! 

I'll be on the look out for the Waffle Champion.  It was worth every cent.  AND it kept me from starving to death watching FOUR HOURS of dodgeball that afternoon.  More on that later.

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