Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WIAW #8...The Birthday Edition...

My birthday was Monday and we did some celebrating over the weekend.  So this WIAW post is going to be about dinner Saturday night and dinner Monday night.  All the rest of the food in between was the same old boring stuff I eat all the time.

As I posted previously we got together with some friends and had dinner on Saturday night at Local, a new restaurant in Norman that used to be a Furrs.

There were adult beverages...

Gotta love when the waiter will bring you a glass of wine that was poured by mistake on your birthday.  I should have paid closer attention to which one it was because it was wonderful.  The short one is a Thunder Up!  Everyone is getting in on the Thunder mania in OKC.

I went with the Ratatouille.  This is not something I've ever had before and I liked it.  For some reason I thought there would be some sort of starch in it, but underneath that awesomely poached egg was all veggies.  They were yummy.   There was white chocolate cheesecake and chocolate cake for dessert, but I was too busy eating them to take a picture.

Monday night Josh and the girls wanted to take me to dinner so we went to my new favorite Mexican restaurant Chuy's.  I tried something new and got the fish tacos.

I even with with the grilled fish instead of the fried fish.  Gotta try to be a little bit healthy with my choices.  I don't eat fish that often anymore, but these were very good.  I'll have to get them again.

No dessert for me, but the girls got push pops.

Carson got about half way through hers and decided she didn't want anymore, we happened to be in the car at the time.  Who wants to eat the rest of their kid's melty, slobbered all over push pop to keep it from dripping all over the car?  Definitely not me.

It was a great birthday.  I can't wait for the mailman to deliver my iPad.  I also get to have lunch with my friend Stacy today so I might have a picture of something different from my everyday food next week.


  1. Happy birthday! iPads are so fun- I love mine!

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes. My iPad came yesterday and I'm getting the hang of blogging on it :-)

  2. Wow, everything looks so good! Sounds like a great way to spend your birthday!