Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WIAW #9...

The WIAW posts are quickly becoming some of my favorites. While most of my food choices are the same old things I have been trying to make an effort to change it up some. It's been crazy around the Craig house, with swim practice for Camy, Kumon for Carson and cross training for me and regular working out for Josh it's had to get motivated to get in the kitchen to try new things.

The fact that Josh is dieting for the latest biggest loser contest at his work and that my kids are the pickiest people on the planet, no one wants to eat much of what I would be willing to cook. One day I think my kids will want to eat the foods that I love. *sigh*

This was the Father's Day breakfast I whipped up and burnt the shit out of my hand in the process.

There were plenty of leftovers that I turned into a breakfast sandwich on Monday morning with some toasted wheat bread and a little Laughing Cow Garlic & Herb cheese.

So convenient. I took the picture in my car because that's where I ate it on the way to work.

I overslept yesterday morning and missed my morning run. This is complete insanity for me. I never oversleep. Seriously. I am that girl that is usually awake when the alarm goes off. I never snooze. Never. If I say I'm gonna meet you for a run or workout I'm gonna show.

Anyway, because I missed my run I packed my stuff and hit the Y for my favorite kick-your-ass spin class. It did just that. When I got home I was starving and craving some carbs.

Again cooking for no one but myself I made some penne with some tomato sauce. I decided to add some sauted mushrooms and zucchini to change it up a bit. It was yummy.

I had some garlic bread to round it out. I like to think the veggies in the sauce balanced out the excessive carbs. It sure hit the spot.

Finally, I broke out my new favorite wine glass on Saturday night.

I think I'm going to only drink wine out of this glass from now on. It'll be like my birthday every day. Incidentally the wine in the glass is my new favorite Middle Sister Wicked White wine. I also love their Smarty Pants Chardonnay.

It was a pretty yummy week. Vacation starts on Saturday when I hit the road with my sisters and our seven kids so there should be some good eats next week.


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