Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hitting the Road...

My sisters and I are hitting the road this weekend. We are loading up two cars with seven kids and heading to Auntie Linda's house outside Roanoke, Virginia. Calling her Auntie Linda makes her sound like she's about eighty, right? She's not near that old.

The first most important thing to think about? Snacks. We are going to be in the cars for two long days so we better make sure no one starves to death.

it's probably not reasonable to have goldfish crackers and Cheez-it, but as you can see here reason doesn't play into road snacks. Hello, Easy Cheese ans crackers. You also may not know this about me but there was a time not so long ago that This was something that was frequently found in my pantry. Wow, on second thought, I'm kinda grossed out by past behavior. Maybe I'll leave that one for the kiddos.

Pretzel Crisps and Popchips are two of my recent new favorites. And sweet potato Popchips are all the better. (if I had to only have one veggie the rest of my life the sweet potato would be it.). Twizzlers are just the best non-chocolate candy ever.

And the best for last, Funjuns. I prefer to never travel any great distance without them. Jen has already said they are not allowed to travel in her car. I say more for me. I guess I'll have to share some with Karen.

I've also got water, Dr. Pepper and Root Beer. I'll probably throw in some granola bars and I got some cheese sticks. They were just in the fridge so I didn't get a picture of them. You know what cheese sticks look like, right. If not we may not be able to be friends.

So if we happen to get stranded in a snow storm I think I have enough food to keep us alive for quite some time. It's gonna be a great trip.

On another note. The iPad my family got me for my birthday came in the mail on Monday and I LOVE it. I have this app Blogsy that I paid $4.99 for and I have blogging on my iPad since Monday. It's very user friendly and it works just as well as the Microsoft Live Writer.


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