Saturday, June 23, 2012

On The Road With Paige...

We are on the road. We have a very long trip ahead of us but it seems to be moving along just fine so far.

I am in the car with the youngest and oldest cousins. Karen and I have Haden, Hannah (aka Hurricane Hannah) and Paige. Ah, Paige she is one of a kind. She is the oldest cousin, I became an aunt because of her. She was the first baby Josh and I ever kept overnight. She is a teenager now and it is definitely interesting when she is around.

This is Paige, you don't need much more explanation than this.

Quotes from the car with Paige...

  • "Is that what happens when you spill paint in the garage?". This was after I showed her where I burnt my hand last weekend.
  • This is not a quote but the entire conversation between her and Karen when Karen was trying to get her to start a movie was very entertaining. So much so that I opted to just listen rather than help.
  • She told us that her mom told her she couldn't bring a blanket in the car. But two pillow pets were ok. (Apparently her mom has no recollection of this conversation.)
  • "My brother gets the scardy farts."
  • We are taking turns playing music from our phones and Paige is playing music by Flight of the Concords.
  • Paige said she was gonna use the goldfish crackers as a training tool to get Haden to say mama.
In case you were wondering. This is Haden. So far the dog training techniques are not working on him.

We made it to Nashville and the trip just got more interesting. More on that later.


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