Monday, April 22, 2013

Beer Sprocket 2013...

This was the third year for me to be a part of Beer Sprocket. After cupcakes in 2011 and beer cupcakes last year I decided to change it up this year and bake cookies. Cookies and beer, I think they go together, but I tend to think that cookies go with everything.

I started baking on Thursday night. After making two batches of my chocolate chip cookies I made two batches of my white chocolate chip Nutella cookies. I made all of the cookies a smaller size than I usually made so they would be a bite or two.

I overbaked the Nutella cookies, and after they rested over night I decided I could not use them. I got up early on Friday and baked a couple batches of regular sugar cookies and chocolate sugar cookies.
Last but not least I made two batches of sweeties, one green and one pink. Those get glazed right out of the oven, so all there was left to do was frost the chocolate sugar cookies with chocolate frosting, and then the regular sugar cookies got white frosting and sprinkles. Last but not least was the white squiggles on the chocolate sugar cookies.

We loaded up the cookies and headed out to Choctaw on Saturday afternoon. It turned out to be a beautiful day, but it was really windy. We lost a few cookies to the very strong wind during the set up.

Kim and Jessica (aka Dancing Jessica) came out to hang out with us for a few hours. I like to think they were there for me and not just the free beer and cookies.

We were almost completely out of cookies by about 8 pm so we packed up and headed home. It was really getting chilly by then.

Another great year. I hope I get invited back next year.


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