Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Before I became a runner I had no idea what the Boston Marathon was. No idea what it takes to get there, or how it is a race unlike other marathons. I didn't know that not only do you have to meet the qualifying time but just because you meet that time doesn't necessarily mean you can get in. {For me to get in before I turn 40 I would have to run a 3:40 marathon.}

I was so excited to get race updates when my friend Patti ran Boston two years ago. Talk about race envy. This year I was quite excited about Marathon Monday.

I listened to the women's race while I was spending time in one of the walking rooms at work Monday morning. It was really hard to not run on the treadmill while listening to the race coverage.

I was deeply saddened a few hours later when I heard about the bombings at the finish line. It is hard when we are again reminded of the evils that exist in this world, and I don't know any runners that have not been affected by the horrible turn of events.

This is part of why it hits home for me.

This is my favorite picture from my first marathon, the OKC Memorial, two years ago. Josh and the girls waiting for me in the rain at the finish line. It is unimaginable to think that anyone's family and friends could have been in danger for being out there to cheer on the runners.

We are 12 days away from the OKC Memorial Marathon, a race that came out of a terrorist attack. I don't think there will be any runners our there that won't be carrying the saddness of Boston with them as they Run to Remember. We will do what runners do, we will run. With a heavy heart and the knowledge that the world has again become a little less innocent.


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