Saturday, April 27, 2013

OU Softball Game...

Softball season for Longfellow is now officially over. Camy gets to clean out her stinky locker on Monday, so for now middle school slow pitch softball is over.

We met her team at Hideaway Pizza for dinner. On the way over, I asked my girls if they were going to sit with me and they basically told me no. Once we got there, though, they sat with me with some of their friends.

Micah, Carson, Cassi and Camy. These are four crazy girls. They were laughing the entire night. Cassi had me take this picture on her new iPhone 5, so she let me text it to myself. We are now friends on facebook. Camy and Carson had to keep reminding me how they don't have iPhones all evening. *sigh*

Did I say that we met there at 4? Earliest dinner ever. I think you can barely even call eating at 4pm dinner. After I had half a Pizza of the Gods, Camy nibbled on a couple pieces of her cheese pizza, and Carson ate an entire small pepperoni pizza all by herself, these crazy girls loaded into my car to head to the OU softball field.

There was an open moon roof, load music, singing and some screeming during the very short drive to the softball field. Those girls crack me up.

We got the team inside and all the girls got free backpacks and OU shirts, and then we headed to where we were going to sit. This was our view from our seats in the outfield. In case you are wondering there were two balls hit all the way into our section. You would think sitting with a whole bunch of softball players would mean you would have someone who wanted to catch a home run. You would be wrong.

The girls did have a good time.

The game was rather boring. The Sooners played Iowa State, and it was pretty sad.

It's pretty small, but the Sooners scored 11 runs in the first inning, and 12 in the second. The final score was 24-1 at the end of four and a half innings. Thank god for the run rule.

Cassi and Carson wanted a picture with the mascot.

Of course, there were fire works at the end. The girls had a great time. Camy even got some autographs, and I was starving by the time we got home.


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