Monday, April 8, 2013

Failures in the Kitchen...

Do you ever have those days where you just feel off your game? Well I am, definitely.

After eating hard boiled egg sandwiches with avocado for breakfast a few days last week I decided to hard boil some eggs last night so I could have a few more sandwiches this week. I boiled the eggs last night and put them in the sink with cold water to cool down.

That was my first failure. When I got up this morning and I realized that I forgot to put the eggs in the fridge last night. They sat in the sink overnight. First failure of the day.

I decided I had time this morning to make another batch. I put the other half of the dozen eggs I bought on sale at Sprouts this weekend and boiled them while I got ready for work. When I peeled the first one to make my sandwich I discovered failure number two. I guess I didn't boil the water enough because they were not cooked enough. Six more wasted eggs.

I ended up going with a scrambled egg whites sandwich with avocado. Of course, the first avocado was not good when I cut into it. Failure number three.

I didn't get a picture but it was a yummy sandwich. A lot more work than I was hoping for a breakfast on the go.

I remembered to buy more lasagna noodles so I could make crockpot veggie lasagna for dinner tonight. There you have failure number four. I needed a lot more sauce and more seasoning and then it might have been edible. It was not good.

I ended up having this for dinner.

Frosted Mini Wheats (chocolate and regular mini bites) with an almost too ripe banana and almond milk.

It's a good thing I got the eggs on sale at Sprouts, because I have another half dozen on the stove now boiling. I am really hoping these turn out.


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