Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Girls Weekend...

Josh headed to the lake this weekend with my brother-in-law so Camy and Carson had the weekend to hang out this weekend.
Carson didn't want to go to the Kumon awards ceremony Friday night, so I let her pick where we were going to go out to dinner. She decided we were going to go to S&B Burger. We have decided the best thing on their menu is the Fried Spicy Cheese Cubes.
Check out that cheese cube! It was huge. The girls thought this was really funny.
I got up and got in a ten mile run on Saturday morning.
Camy had practice with her fast pitch team she is playing with this summer. They practiced sliding at the end and she as filthy when I picked her up.
She asked me if I was gonna take a picture of her to put on my blog. She actually doesn't look very dirty here, but trust me everything that she had on at practice went straight into the washing machine when we got home.
After she got cleaned up we headed to the outlet mall. Carson wanted some red Converse high tops. We did find these.
Too bad these were in kid sizes, they would be perfect for Josh.
I got to torture the girls while I tried on purple shorts. And I bought Carson the funniest t-shirt.
We had quit a few laughs when we found this.
Any time that involves just me and the girls would have to include a stop at Cherry Berry for frozen yogurt.
Saturday night with my girls, frozen yogurt and The Big Bang Theory. While the mood swings happen minute to minute I love days like this one.

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