Wednesday, April 3, 2013

March Running, the Orthodontist and WIAW...

Since it's April I thought I would look back and see how March turned out. Total miles for the month were 75.69. Not bad considering I took a week and a half off when I sprained my ankle. My ankle healed up nicely with a minimum amount of time off, and there doesn't appear to be any long term problems.

I did finally make a decision about the OKC Memorial marathon. Last week I submitted my request to change from the marathon to the half marathon, my plan is to just go run the race and have fun. I do love the distance of the half marathon. I am hoping to get a couple longer runs in before the race at the end of the month.

If you are keeping track my total miles for 2013 are now at 269.69. Not a bad start, and on track to run a thousand miles this year. Another month of yoga is also in the books and I am enjoying the small improvements I am seeing. I did a few weights tonight and it reminded me why I am loving the yoga.

Since I am going to talk about Camy I thought I would post a picture I took of her this week after her softball game last Thursday.

I took Camy to the orthodontist yesterday. It was her third monthly appointment and it was the first time I actually teared up during her orthodontist appointments. I am not sure what they were doing but they weren't happy with how one of the spaces isn't closing like they want and whatever she did looked incredibly painful. I have never seen Camy squirm around that much, and she has never cried at the end of an appointment before. It was a hard day to be a mom, that's for sure. Even if she isn't as small as she used to be, I don't want my babies to be in pain.


Okay, not for the WIAW portion of the post. I really should call this, what I actually took pictures of.

Here's some of this weeks eats.


Veggie pot pie soup, with mini club crackers. This was leftovers from Sunday night. I just love this soup, it's packed with veggies and gnocchi. Great for a cold rainy day.

Breakfast today was a hard boiled egg sandwich, with cheese and mayo. I could have made egg salad, but I was too lazy. Maybe I will have egg salad tomorrow. It does seem weird to have a hard boiled egg sandwich for breakfast, but is it really any different than any other kind of egg sandwich? Can you put pickles on a hard boiled egg sandwich for breakfast? How about if you are working on hydration? Okay, this just really sounds good.

My wonderful mother-in-law made breakfast for us on Sunday. Scrambled eggs with mushrooms and onions and some kind of greens that I can't remember. It was not spinach. I know that is what you were thinking, but I would remember that.

Dessert last Thursday was a chocolate chip cookie and a glass of wine. I hadn't slept well all week, and the glass of wine did the trick. I got a great night of sleep on Thursday night.

There is an Easter eggy theme going on with my WIAW post. This is an egg salad sandwich with extra pickles and provalone from Which Wich last week after Camy's softball game. It was so good. You should try it with extra pickles, you won't be disappointed.

Well that's it for now. Got any good recipes for vegetarian foods that you want to share? I'd love some suggestions.

Have a good week!


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