Thursday, April 25, 2013

How About Some Softball...

Monday night we got to go to the Longfellow Athletic Banquet. They recognized the sports from the entire year so we went and got to see Camy get her awards for softball.

I still look at my girls and wonder where my babies went.

It seems so rare that I can get a picture of them both smiling at the same time.

It was a very pleasant evening, although the moods around here change minute to minute. Josh got Camy to pose for a picture with her medals.

Camy has really liked playing slow pitch this spring. With the crap weather we have been having since the season has started we have had about 50 games cancelled. I think they have only played about four games total. It's been a fabulous winter we have been having this spring. We have had games and practices cancelled for ice, rain, possible tornados, freezing temps. It has been horrible.

I believe our last game is tomorrow night, but you never know what kind of weather we could have by then.

We have gotten to see Camy play some, and w even have a few action shots.

We can actually see her face because she is a lefty.

She actually got a pretty good hit here.

This picture is blurry because she was running so fast. Not really, I have no idea what happened to this picture. She actually got out at first base but she had an RBI.

Carson also got a medal on Monday. She got her Kumon awards and her gold medal for three years of hard work.

I am so proud of my girls.


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