Monday, April 1, 2013

Birthday Cookies...

One of my favorite kiddos celebrated a birthday on Saturday.

I was so excited to make cookies for her to take to her party at school on Friday. What would be better for a four year old's birthday than sparkly sugar cookies shaped like the letter 4?

I started with a batch of my go to sugar cookie dough.

I baked them up on Tuesday night and then got up early on Wednesday morning to decorate them. The beauty of frosted sugar cookies is they can be made a couple days ahead of time. I prefer to give them atleast one day to set up, so there's no worries about messing up the decorations.

If you are going to decorate sugar cookies, this is the meringue powder you should use. I buy it at William's Sonoma, and it makes me very sad when they run out. Don't waste your money on the brand from Hobby Lobby, it doesn't taste as good, and the texture is not always the best.

Start with the outline.

Then flood with thinned out frosting, and then add the rainbow sprinkles.

I love making sugar cookies, it's even better making them for someone that is going to be so excited to get them. I am loving getting back into baking again.


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