Saturday, March 30, 2013

Another Birthday...

Last night we got to celebrate another birthday with my friend Kendra. I won't divulge her age, but it was a pretty big milestone birthday.

Kendra and I at the Fall Classic Duathlon in 2010

The party was at her house, the last time we had a birthday party at her house it was quite a bit crazier. It was great to have an evening just relaxing with friends.

Of course there were pictures...

Kim, me and Rochelle


Rochelle, Kendra, Kim, me and Erin
Somewhere there is a picture of us, without Rochelle, at the last party. I am very sad I couldn't find it.
We weren't out too late, but it was late enough to learn a valuable lesson. You should not fuel your Saturday morning run with chips, salsa, wheat thins and cheese dip. Hydrating with wine would also not be recommended.
This morning it was hills, brutal , spirit killing hills. Okay, that is a tad exagerated, but it was hard. I would love to know how you calculate the amount of exertion on 8 hill miles and convert it to the amount of exertion for a flatter longer run.
In all it was 8 miles in 1:12, so the overall pace was not horrible. My splits reflected the fact that I was dying. Sub 9 paces in the first half lead to a few walk breaks in the second half. It was nice to not feel pressured to run any farther then 8. I was very happy when I got home at 8:30.


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