Friday, March 15, 2013

Do You Know What a Brony Is?

I have two 12-year-olds daughters, and most days I swear they are speaking a foreign language. Here are a couple of their latest obsessions...

  • Minecraft:
I still don't think I have figured up what this game is exactly. I know that the game is about breaking and placing blocks, and that you build worlds, but I don't know what you do with those worlds after you build them. My daughters can spend hours playing this game, and right now Camy and her friend Cassidy are in her room playing this game on two separate computers. I imagine they will be spending most of the night and tomorrow doing this same thing.
Why don't people play Tetris anymore? That is a game that I am actually good at.
  • My Little Pony
I remember My Little Pony from when I was a kid, but oh how they have changed. From what I have learned on Wikipedia, the My Little Pony my daughters love is actually the 4th generation. They watch the cartoons on Netflix, because according to Camy season three just ended, and there is endless conversations about the ponies. It is so hard to keep up.
Their favorite store is Hot Topic, and their supply of My Little Pony t-shirts, sunglasses and other assorted merchandise. We were there today buying a birthday present for the slumber party Carson is at tonight.
Apparently, boys that like My Little Pony are called Bronies. At one point they said that girls that like the show are called Pegasisters, but now the girls say they prefer to be called Bronies instead. It is all very confusing. I think if my daughters didn't talk so fast I might be able to keep up a little better.
At least there are a few things they love that I can relate to.
  • Big Bang Theory
  • Once Upon A Time
  • Cherry Berry frozen yogurt
  • homemade chocolate chip cookies
Though I feel like I understand them less and less as they get older, I am going to hold onto the hope I will begin to understand more as we go along.


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