Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WIAW, Sprouts and a Scary Yoga Class...

It was very exciting in Norman today.

The Sprouts Farmers Market opened today. It was Christmas in March.

I decided to swing by after my scary yoga glass this evening. It was scary based only on the fact that the guy that owns the yoga studio teaches the level 1 class on Wednesday nights. I have never taken any of his classes before, I am quite intimidated by him. I was in need of a little inner peace today so I decided to suck it up and just go.

It was a very good class. The pace was quite a bit quicker than the other level 1 classes I have been taking, and instead of focusing more on the individual poses we went through more poses. It was different, but very good.

So, after yoga, I swung by Sprouts to check it out. This is where some of my WIAW comes from.

I even got some greens that were not my favorite roasted broccoli and Brussels Sprouts.

I was a little disappointed that they didn't have a salad bar, why can't they be more like Whole Foods? Since a salad sounded good and I was not wanting to actually do any chopping I picked up a pre-made one. It was yummy.

I also picked this up. When we get those holiday popcorn tins at Christmas, my favorite part is the caramel ad cheddar cheese. You must combine the two next time you have the opportunity. You won't be sorry.

I only mention these because the packagine is green, but I have had one of these the past few days. Milk chocolate with a white chocolate filling inside these truffles are the perfect combination. I did manage to only eat one a day instead of eating all three at once.

The pink lady apples I bought recently have been amazing. Not a mushy apple in the bunch.

Finally, I will end with my half chocolate, half regular mini sized Frosted Mini Wheats. With a banana an almond milk it makes a delicious breakfast. The bowl in this particular picture held the last of the almond milk and it was not near enough almond milk for me. I should really pay closer attention when I am making my grocery list.

Stay tuned, I did do some baking this week. I will share soon.


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