Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happy Birthday, Hailey...

My niece, Hailey, came and spent the weekend at our house this weekend. Her birthday is on Tuesday. I can't believe she is almost eleven.

We went to her soccer game on Friday night, and we got to hang out with her siblings for a little bit.

Hurricane Hannah. That's all you have to say about that crazy gir.
Haden took some pictures of us. He is one fast little photographer.

They girls had big plans last night. They were going to fuel their all-nighter with Mountain Dew, pretzel dogs, and cheese and crackers. They didn't manage to stay up all night.

My in-laws were in town this afternoon so we meet them at Chuy's for lunch. They girls had a great time.

I didn't want Hailey to feel left out so I got a picture with her too.

We sat down and immediately put them to work.

I went with the shrimp tacos. Yum.

I missed out on some excitement at the half marathon this moring. I sure hate to miss out on a good story. It has been a pretty good weekend though.


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