Monday, March 4, 2013

I Am Still A Runner...

It's been over a week since the marathon, so I can no longer use that as ann excuse for not getting my booty out of bed in the mornings. I am not gonna lie, it has been really nice sleeping in, and the cold mornings have made it that much easier.

The thing about me is I hate the treadmill. If you have known me, or followed my blog for very long, you will know that I have a deep hatred for the dreadmill. It's crazy to think that I used to prefer it to running outside. When I trained for my first marathon I ran my longest run, 20 miles, on the indoor track at the Y. One mile is 12 laps! I will let you do the math on that one. It was alot of freaking laps, and all because it was cold and windy outside. Now a days I avoid it at all costs, mostly for traveling, or for horrific two mile post marathon recovery runs.

I have been pretty lucky, we haven't had too many runs that have gotten rained out, or snowed out or cancelled because of ice. Cold weather doesn't bother me, it's all about the gear when it comes to the cold, wind and rain. Truth be told, we don't usually run if it's raining. I like to reserve weather conditions like rain and hail for race days only, makes it a little more special.

One thing that we can't get away from here in Oklahoma is the wind. It's the whole wind sweeping down the plains thing. We have been known to run in windy 20+ mph 30 something temps conditions. Do we like these conditions? Hell no, but it's like a badge of honor. Ask any runner you know, and they will have a story about how it was this cold and the wind was this hard and they logged this many miles. There is something about the runner's high after a run where you really had to brave the elements, it's just that much stronger.

With that beig said, we have totally wimped out of our run in the morning. I can hear the wind howling out there, and sometimes you just have to push it back a day. If you happen to be keeping track, this means it will be over two weeks since my last week day morning run. There seems to be a pattern developing here and I might start to get worried if I don't get out of bed for a run on Wednesday. I do have a couple of races coming up.

My friend Kim has talked me into registerig for the Run Lucky 5k this Sunday. Oh how I hate running a 5k, but I do love a good cause. Plus how can I not want to go do a race with this girl?

The more pressing race is the OKC Memorial Marathon coming up next month.

I have been registered for this race for quite a while. Since early last year, in fact. I registered for this year's race with my deferment from last year. (I seriously love this race for that.) I had thought all along that I would drop down to the half marathon if I ran another marathon before this race. I am having a hard time making the change. I don't know what it is, I know I am not a quitter if I change the distance I will run, but it sure feels like it.

For now I am torn. My plan is to keep running and let the miles work themselves out. As I get closer to race day I will be able to decide what I want to do. My first goal will be to get back out there in the early mornings to start logging some more miles and see where the road takes me.


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