Sunday, March 10, 2013

Run Lucky 5K...

My friend Kim convinced me last week that it would be a good idea to run the Run Lucky 5k today.

What seems like a good idea when I am sitting at my desk isn't always a good idea when you wake up and temps are in the low 40s, winds are 25 mph, and the windchill is in the low 30s. I was really considering not going, but as with all runs where I am joining friends I showed up. I would be lying if I said that we didn't consider just hanging out in the car during the race, and there was also talk about just turning around and going home.

There were pre-race pictures.

Kim, Dwight and I can you tell we were freezing?

The race started and we immediately headed north, straight into the crazy Oklahoma wind. The route was not entirely flat either, but at about the half way point we turned back to the south. Downhill with a tail wind, was pretty wonderful after running straight into the wind. The kilometers seemed to click by, funny how short a 5k is two weeks after a marathon.

I was happy with my time, I never felt like I was dying, and my splits weren't bad.

Mile 1-8:48
Mile 2-7:52
Mile 3-7:50

Total time was 25:34, 7th out of 131 women in my age group and 50th out of 957 total women. 8:08 average pace and I was very happy my pace got faster throughout the race. In all, not a PR but I am very happy with how I did.

Me, Janine, Kim & Dwight
Dwight & Kim
Me & Kim

I just love Kim, and there have been too few faces with her in the last year. So glad she talked me into this race, and even though I hate running 5ks, I sure love running races with my friends.


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