Friday, March 1, 2013

Okay, Let’s Wrap It Up…

In case you didn't already know, today is March 1st! I am so glad. March means that before we know it we will be sweating to death in the heat of another Oklahoma summer in no time. There are a very limited number of perfect days for running in this crazy state of ours, and I was sad to miss running in this pre-spring last year.

I have been working hard to stay healthy and hope I can continue the trend. I was a little worried earlier this week when I was having ankle/arch pain in my left foot but I think that has resolved itself and I am ready to get back out and pound some pavement with some of my favorite people.

It has been hard to stay consistent as a group this year. With the Disney Marathon, The Cowtown Marathon, Little Rock Marathon, sinus infections, injuries, crazy work schedules, and some pretty crazy weather, it has been very hard to get out there all together for our regular runs each week. I am hoping that March is going to bring us all back together. It could happen.

So, since it's now March I thought I would check out where I stand for February.

This graph doesn't show the first couple of days of February, so it's missing a 12.25 mile run that happened on February 2nd. I really wish Daily Mile would let me select the range I wanted to look at, or even let me see the entire month instead of 4 weeks.

So I ended February with 94.15 total miles, and I am very upset that I if I the weather hadn't been so bad a week ago on Thursday I would have gotten my six mile run in and I would have made it to 100 miles for the month. Stupid short February!

I am still loving only running three days a week, but some weeks I wish we were running four days instead so there would be more opportunity to see everyone. Maybe we should work on that.

For now, it's March! Yeah! Spring is just around the corner, I just have to get through some really cold mornings between now and then. Temps could be in the 20s tomorrow morning for what I believe will be a hill workout. Time to dust off the cobwebs of the week and get back out there, there is always another race on the horizon and there are always more miles to cover. I can't wait to see what March has in store for me.

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