Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Think I Am Ready To Run...

It has only been three days since my last run. Although I don't think I would call the horrific two mile treadmill torture a run. I have no plans to run tomorrow, so I am going on five days off.

I went to yoga tonight, and while my quads and hamstrings were still a little tired, especially during chair pose, they felt about a million times better than they did a the class on Tuesday night. I suspect the ankle and arch pain and swelling I had been experiencing are from poor form at the end of Sunday's race, and maybe the New Balance shoes I have been running in have a little less arch support that the Brooks Ravennas I had previously been running in.

At yoga on Tuesday it was hard to straighten my foot while I was on my mat for upward facing dog. Tonight there was much improvement. You might say that my body is feeling back to normal. I even got that nervous excited feeling when talking about the plan for Saturday morning.

I always feel nervous when I feel like I'm going to find out if my legs still work like they should. All of this sleeping in this week has been too nice I think. The cold weather has probably helped that, the thought of getting up to run next week just doesn't sound fun, but the thought of getting back with my favorite running friends for our early morning miles makes me realize how much I have missed all of them.

So what't up next? Who knows. There is a pretty big local race that is two months away. I happen to be registered for the full there, but it's probably more probable that I will be running 13.1 miles that day. We shall see what happens.

Most importantly right now is to get back to running in my beloved Brooks.

According to my banker I will be getting a pair of these lovelies in a week. I can't wait.

Until then I hope everyone has a runtastic Friday!


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