Monday, February 18, 2013

Adventures in Laundry...

If you remember, the new latch I ordered for our washing machine is set to be delivered tomorrow. Imagine my surprise when I got home from work today and the door was off the washing machine and there were pieces of the latch on top of the dryer. In an effort to prepare the door for the new latch, Josh managed to break something else.

That part will be here on Wednesday.

After four days of no laundry, we decided that we can't wait until Wednesday for clean clothes. We loaded up the girls and our dirty clothes and went to relive our college days. Seven loads of laundry in under two hours, but it cost about a million dollars. The price of doing a load of laundry has sure gone up in the last 15 or so years.

I have proof that my children know how to fold their clothes.

They are pretty good at compaining too.

You sure do see interesting people at the laundromat. I sure hope that by Wednesday evening our washer will be back in normal working order.

Josh got home last night from his fishing trip.

Sitting on a frozen lake fishing through a hole in the ice. So not my idea of a good time.

Josh with Ross and Brian, he looks so short next to those two.

Did I mention that it's officially race week? I am excited and terrified all at the same time. Still working on figuring out who is going with me, and almost more importantly what I am going to wear.

Looks like it could be absolutly fabulous. I am going to tryto not get too excited, but I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed.


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