Friday, February 22, 2013

Pack it Up...

They say that all you really need to be a runner is a pair of shoes, but if you have ever packed for an out of town race you know that just isn't true.

First things first, I headed to the chiropractor this morning to get adjusted and get my IT band taped up.

Yep, that is pink tape, I had to bring my own because I wanted something to match my new tank I will be wearing on Sunday. Those are a pair of Injinji socks that I wore today. Yes, I wear them when I am not running. They just make my toes very happy.

You know what else makes me very happy?

I cannot tell you how happy this makes me.

So I started packing tonight. We are planning to drop the dogs off at the doggie hotel, and hitting the road by about 10 tomorrow morning. What am I taking with me?

  • Shorts. Yes, shorts! I can't remember the last time I ran in shorts. I am actually planning to wear the same shorts I wore for my first marathon. They will forever be known as my marathon shorts.
  • Tank. I was super jealous of my friends that ran the Disney marathon last month in their cute OK Runner tanks, and I got mine today.
  • Socks. My new Injinji compression toesocks.
  • Shoes. I can't believe I am running a marathon in a pair of New Balance shoes. They have been good to my feet for the last two months. I do look forward to the Ravenna 4s I am getting soon, and I will work them into rotation with the New Balance shoes.
  • Warm layer. Knee sock arm warmers, throw away shirt, gloves, ear warmer. I doubt I will need the ear warmers, but I will probably wear the gloves, the t-shirt is one I will leave behind, and the arm warmers are something I could live with not coming home with.
  • Odds and ends. Rain jacket, wind jacket, capri running pants, cropped running pants, long sleeve shirt, visor, body glide, paper tape (to protect my toenails), extra socks, compression calf sleeves (you never know), compression socks for post race, Spi belt, GU chomps and my Garmin and charger.
  • Then you have pajamas, Sunday post race clothes and all bathroom necessities.

There is alot to think about when you are packing for a destination race. I hope I don't forget anything.

I need to make sure I have a playlist ready to go in the morning.

I am sure I will check and double check everything that already made it into my suitcase tomorrow. I am glad that we aren't going to be in a big rush tomorrow. I am nervous enough as it is.

Race weeked here I come!

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