Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts...

  • Penny was snuggling with me last night while we watched The Walking Dead. I managed to take a picture of her. She kinda looks weird.
  • We are watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory. The girls get very excited when it's an episode that has Soft Kitty in it.
  • I think I am getting close to getting rid of my hacking cough and being able to breathe through my nose on a regular basis.
  • We got snow in Oklahoma City today, and the whole city did not shut down. We will see what happens tomorrow.

The scene fom Josh's work. His building is a bit taller than mine.

The scene from my work. You can't tell but my car is in that parking lot covered in snow.

  • I won something on one of my favorite blogs a couple of weeks ago and my prize came in the mail yesterday. Shut Up and Run had a giveaway of Injinji socks, and imagine my surprise when I saw that I had won. I LOVE my Injinji socks, and three free pair was like Christmas in February.
  • I had hoped for a pair of their compression socks, I ended up going to Zappos.com this morning and ordered a pair. They will be here tomorrow and I will try them out and probably be wearing them in the Cowtown marathon. I post a review in a few days.


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