Saturday, February 23, 2013

Blogging From Texas...

In 12 hours I will be running my second marathon.

I have survived the day. I got up and did a 2 mile shake out run at an average pace of about 8:50. I don't think it was worth the layers I had to put on for the 23 degree temps I ran in. It did feel good to shake out my legs though. It has felt like an eternity since our run on Tuesday morning.

We set the dogs to the kennel and were on the road at about 10 this morning.

Fun times in the car.
There were also a few snacks in the car.

We made it to the race expo after making it through some horrible Fort Worth traffic. I don't think I have ever driven through Fort Worth without being stuck in traffic on the interstate.

After I picked up my race packet, we walked around the expo for a little bit, and then we headed to the hotel.

Camy didn't want to have her picture taken with me.

We headed to the hotel, and went on a short walk to find lunch. We found it at Subway.

We headed down to the indoor pool for a little bit.

Now we are having pizza and watching The Big Bang Theory. We are wild and crazy when we travel.

I think I am ready to go tomorrow.


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