Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Gear...

I get emails from Gear Buzz. Most of the time it is for something I would never buy, but I have gotten some really good deals.

The latest deal I took advantage of was for some Pro Compression calf sleeves. I have my one pair of CEP compression socks I wear for long run recovery, but I can't wear them when I run because my feet are special. Not really, its just that my toes don't play well with others so they have to have their only little individual sock area in order to be happy. Oh how I love my Injinji toesocks. I would wear them every day if I could. (Which really, I probably could.)

My new calf sleeves came in the mail on Saturday and I was dying to try them out.

It was about 30 degrees this morning with almost no wind. So I busted out my favorite running crops from Lululemon and my new calf sleeves.

I made sure to wear my pink Injinji socks and my pink long sleeved shirt. I haven't had that much pink on for a run since this picture almost two years ago.

I did like the calf sleeves, and I will be wearig them again. It was a good run this morning. 6 miles in 54 minues. Patti didn't have such a good time because of her damn IT band, but I have my fingers crossed that she will be back at it with no painin no time.

I got to yoga tonight and I have decided that yoga on the days that I run is way better than on the days I don't run. Except for long run Saturday. I feel good, nice and stretched out and relaxed. I am very excited that my shoulder stand seems to be coming along too. Tomorrow will be a rest day because I seem to be on a schedule that makes every other day a rest day. Works for me.


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