Saturday, February 16, 2013

Running, a Movie and Frozen Yogurt...

Today was my last Saturday run before the Cowtown Marathon. It was in the 20s this morning, the coldest it has been in a while, but there little wind. It's funny how the cold can seem intimidating for me. I was going to go with my cold weather gear under my Brooks running tights, but decided that I would just wear my new Injinji compression socks. (I am loving my compression gear now.)

When I was deciding on which marathon I wanted to run back in December, I decided that I didn't want to get all stressed out about a training plan. I have basically stuck to my three days a week of running with two or three days of yoga for the last few months. My long runs have been determined by my favorite running store owner, Craig, and in all it has been a pretty stress free training cycle for me.

Since the Route 66 half marathon in Tulsa before Thanksgiving I have ran two 20 milers, one 16 miler and two 18 milers. While they have not all been super fantastic long runs I have made it through the miles. The lone exception was last Saturday when my 20 mile run turned into just over 18 and a sinus infection. Not fun.

When I meet up for today's run I noticed that my lack of stress throughout my training was all catching up with me. What if forgoing stress up until this point doesn't serve me well next Sunday? What if people follow training plans for a reason and I end up regretting not having a more formal plan over these last months? What if I can't make it? What if it's too hard, or too painful? What was I thinking?

We set out on our 10 mile run in the flats. Really, it's not all that flat, there is one killer hill. It was cold but my lungs adjusted to the air and my legs settled in for a little faster than marathon goal pace run. I had fun. 10.4 miles in 1:30, right at about 8:39 pace. Sure that hill was painful, but overall it was a great run. It was a day that reminds me why I love to run. It was cold, but the sun was out. Most of my running friends were not there, but I got to run with new friends and people in our group that I don't usually get to chat with for ten miles.

Best part of today was instead of an ice bath, I soaked in a hot bath Epsom salt. What a nice change of pace.

Later today, the girls and I headed out to the movies. We had talked all week about seeing Beautiful Creatures.

It was a pretty entertaining movie. I think the girls and I will have to read the book, I imagine it is much better than the movie.

Worst iPhone picture ever.

We picked up pizza from one of our favorite places, Sandro's, and even went by Cherry Berry to get some frozen yogurt for dessert. That place is so good, it's hard to drive past it without stopping.

Chocolate, Cookie Monster, vanilla, red velvet, white chocolate and salted pretzel. Yum.

Oh yeah, and there was this...

Sometimes dealing with two 12 year olds and you need a glass of wine.
Today was the best kind of Saturday.


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