Friday, February 8, 2013

I'd Like To Raise A Little Money...

It's weird to think that I have no plans to fundraise for a cause in 2013.

In 2006, my sisters and aunt and cousin raised money and participated in the Breast Cancer 3-Day benefiting Susan G. Komen.

We raised over $11,000 that year. In 2007 and 2008, I raised money and went back to Chicago to be part of the crew for the event.

After taking a couple years off I was back at it in 2011 and 2012, but I as raising money for Komen and participating in the Rock N Roll half marathon in Dallas.

Kim, Abby and I busted out the pink for the race in 2011.

I got to bust ou the boot for the race in 2012, and went down to support Patti, Kelsey, Rochelle, Abby and Brian as they all ran the race without me.

It was a little harder to raise money for Komen last year, and without getting into the political aspects of 2012 for Komen, I must say I was a little disappointed and really don't feel an overwhelming urge to fundraise for the organization this year.

I still feel like I'd like to be able to raise some money for an organization that I believe in this year.

The fight to end breast cancer is a cause that is very close to my heart. My mom passed away in 1981 from breast cancer and I have felt for a long time that I have wanted to support the cause in whatever way I could.

They type of breast cancer my mom had was Inflammatory Breast Cancer. This rare but aggressive form of breast cancer accounts for only about 5% of breast cancers diagnosed in the United States.

I know that there are many races out there that offer fundraising opportunities for many different charitable organizations, and I have decided that in 2013 I will find a way to raise money for the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

I have a mission and I intend to find out how to make it happen.

I am sure there are cookies to be baked for people I can convince to donate money. It has worked out well the last two years, so I think I should stick with a good thing. I love asking people to donate money for a cause I believe in.

So get ready because at some point this year I will be asking.


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