Thursday, February 14, 2013

L Is For...

LOVE--Happy Valentine's Day! The kiddos were very excited when they discovered that we got them My Little Pony t-shirts for Valentine's Day.

LAB RESULTS--I got the reports from the blood work I had done a few weeks ago. It had not gotten my blood work done last year, but I needed to have my cholesterol checked to make sure it was still under 200. Looks like I passed the test.

LEARNING--I am still loving the level 1 yoga class I have been taking at Ashtanga Yoga. Last week I did my first ever assisted full bridge. Today we worked on headstands. I am still a long way from doing an actual headstand, but we did lots of little pieces that will eventually turn into a headstand.

I demonstrated a little when I got home.

I should have been a little closer to the wall in an effort to get the upper part of my body to be straight over my arms. I did get into this position in class tonight. It really remnded me how weak my little spaghetti arms are. I am hoping all the vinyasas are helping though. Each little improvement seems like a huge thing to me with my yoga practice.

LEFTOVERS--For the third day in a row, my dinner has looked like this.

Chickpea taos with leftover roasted veggies. If you have never had chickpea tacos you are seriously missing out. I used the Rick Bayless Classic Fajita Skillet Sauce. It has chipotle ad line and it is so yummy. This particular flavor is now my favorite, I think this will be the only one I buy from now on.

LEAVING--Josh is heading out of town tonight to go ice fishing with friends. That does not sound like fun to me at all. The girls and I have plans to go to the movies and out to eat this weekend. I am looking forward to a weekend with my girls.


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