Saturday, February 2, 2013

Running, TV and a Movie...

I slept in this morning until 6 am and headed over for a short 12 mile run. I understand that the term short is relative. I was glad to have a week to drop back a bit, and not having to be out the door at 6 was very welcome. We had a big group this morning, although my usual group were either out of town or under the weather.
It was a good run, 12 miles in 1:51, and while the overall pace was on target I got a little far ahead of myself in the first three miles and paid for it near the end. Just under three miles in 24 minutes to begin with is not really where I need to be to start off a 12 mile run, unless I am shooting for a half marathon PR. Even then, that is a little fast. I need to just be able to settle in and be in it for the long haul. I will have another chance to give it a shot with 20ish scheduled for next Saturday.
Josh and I got all caught up on one of our favorite new shows today.
There were tears and laughter in the episodes we watched today. If you are not watching this show you are really missing out. It really is spectacular. Maggie Smith is incredible. Without giving anything away, I was stunned by the turn of events in the last episode. That's all I have to say about that.
When I was driving home from work last night they had a review on NPR for Warm Bodies.
We have been seeing commercials for this movie for weeks and Camy and Carson had said they wanted to see it. After all, it's Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare with zombies what's not to love about that? I doubt we would have studied this version in my Shakespeare class in college.
It was a very fun and entertaining movie. There were zombies and then something that zombies turn into when they give up on being a zombie. The ending wasn't a sad one, the star-crossed lovers both survived the credits, but it has a "happily ever after" sort of vibe from the start.
So now the weekend is half over. I have high hopes for actually baking something tomorrow, there has been rumbling about the lack of desserts in the house. All the chocolate chips in the pantry seem to be starting at me everytime I open the door. As always I am looking forward to Sunday night yoga, I wonder if the class size will be affected by the Super Bowl. I plan to be there to chant a little Om, and get in a little pigeon, down dog and warrior poses.

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