Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WIAW, Who Knows What You Will Find...

Anther week, another Wednesday, another WIAW post...

Looks like we will have a photo dump, although using the word dump went talking about food is comparable to watching an episode of Bones while you are eating dinner. Although, I do love that show. Okay, lets try to stay on topic, shall we?

Let's see what we ate this week.

I got this idea on a WIAW post last week on a blog I follow A Better Life With Burgers. Greek Yogurt mixed with peanut butter and honey. Because I always add them to my yogurt I added Chia seeds and a cut up banana, because bananas are good for me. The Luna bar wa on the side, I figured it would be a little overkill with the yogurt. I think I made a mistake with this one, too much peanut butter, the overall consistency was not good.

I think this was my post long run fueling on Saturday. I believe the soup was vegetable barley, or something like that and a good ole grilled cheese. Two slices of American cheese. I know that Kraft cheese slices are probably not really considered cheese, but when I was a kid we used to have to suffer the generic mostly oil kind of cheese slices. Let me just say it was NOT good and my kids only get the best. Although, only Camy likes American cheese, and can you really call Kraft the best? Carson prefers the blocks of cheddar cheese we always have in our fridge.

Moving along, Sunday morning breakfast. Breakfast tacos with red potato, spinach, mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, egg whites and a little bit of cheese and salsa. Seriously loving Brussels sprouts.

Then there was the brownie sample at Target. You should never shop on an empty stomach so I was just preventing any impulse purchases.

Then the boxed brownie mix I made on Sunday because I have definitely not been all about the baking lately. I'm not gonna lie they were yummy.

Yesterday I saw a post on the Tasty Kitchen Blog for Squash and Black Bean Skillet Enchiladas. I know I have talked about my love of all things black bean and sweet potato, so I decided to give this one a try. Hello butternut squash, sweet potato better watch out.

It looks like a mess, because it is. It's free form enchiladas. That is probably a made up thing, but it looks pretty real to me. Served, of course, with a side of steamed Brussels sprouts. Fresh Brussels sprouts are way better than frozen, in case you were wondering.

So there you have it, everything I managed to take a picture of this week that was food. Yum.



  1. All of your photos look fabulous & your meals just all sound delicious!!

    Have a wonderful rest of the week <3

    1. Thanks Jessie! I could say the same thing about your posts.