Friday, February 15, 2013

Girls Weekend...

Josh headed to Wisconsin or Minnesota or some other half frozen state last night to go ice fishing with the boys. Who wants to sit around a hole in a frozen lake and try to catch fish? Not me.

So, I get to spend the weekend with my girls. Unfortunately, not the girls I run with. I just hate that. It is going to be freezing in the morning, so I'm glad I only have ten miles planned. Thankfully, Laura, Kim and Kelsey are all planning on being there. It seems strange to me that I ran 30 miles last week and I will only run 15 this week. Gotta love a good taper.

I am going to find out if compression socks underneath my cold weather running gear is comfortable. I got my new Injinji compression socks in the mail today and I can't wait to try them out.

After that I get to spend the weekend with the two girls that at one point were living inside of me. Have I ever said that was the worst almost 36 weeks of my life? It was. They think it's funny when I tell them that.

We are planning on dinner and a movie. I sure hope the grumps stay at home.

Have a happy weekend.

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