Wednesday, February 27, 2013

This Is Yesterday's Post...

One of my goals for 2013 was to have a post a day. I did start working on this post last night, but I was very tired and couldn't think straight and had to call it a night. So, here's what it was all about.

When I was making dinner this happened. I could have taken a picture of the cut on my finger from the silverware drawer, but I had to put a band-aid on it so I wouldn't get blood in my leftover chili casserole.

I was mostly disappointed because I chipped my nail polish. Bummer.

I have been spending the last few days analyzing Sunday's race. You might remember when I ran the Route 66 half marathon before Thanksgiving, my main problem was inadequte fueling. Both prior to the race and during the race.

I really focused on fueling for this race, I was determined to not run out of gas during this race. I really think I did a much better job this time. We did a little carb loadig on Friday night with spaghetti, and before we headed out of town Saturday I made sure to have a good breakfast that included protein. I went with a breakfast burrito with a little salsa. I had wanted to have pasta Saturday night too, but we ended up ordering pizza and had it delivered to the hotel. I was again reminded why I we don't order Papa John's pizza anymore.

Before I left to catch the shuttle Sunday morning I had a banana, and then I ate most of a peanut butter and honey sandwich on the way to the race start. Just to make sure I had food in my stomach I had part of a Luna bar as we headed to our corral.

I knew it was going to warm up during the race, so I made sure to take water or Powerade at almost every water stop on the cource. During my training I discovered that for anything longer than a half marathon my stomach cannot handle GU. After about 16 miles my stomach becomes very unhappy if that is my choice for fueling. Because o this I had two pack of GU Chomps and I made sure to eat them throughout the race. I ate the first pack before the halfway point, and I had one chomp about every mile for the rest of the race. I even picked up some gummy lifesavers from some little kids along the route, and had a few pieces of banana and orange slices as they were available.

In all my fuel and hydration prior to and throughout the race went very well.

Even with that I feel like I need to work on being able to finish a race. I do know that I finished the race, but just like in Tulsa I didn't finish this race even close to how I wanted to finish it. The last four miles of the race were very hard, and I would have liked to have been a little stronger mentally at that point. How do you finish strong, not feel like you left anything out there and not have to crawl across the finish line? It's a fine line and I am not there yet.

The great thing about marathons and half marathons is that there is always another race. Always another chance to improve and learn a little more. If it ws easy everyone would do it, but I believe if you want to anyoe can do it.

So how is recovery going?

  • My left ankle has been swollen and the arch of that foot has been sore.
  • I went to yoga last night, and while it wasn't pretty I really think it has helped my legs feel less sore.
  • I wore my compression socks all day today. I would like all my socks to be compression I think.
  • I might be getting too used to sleeping in in the morning.
  • I will be going to yoga again tomorrow night.

And with that I will say goodnight.

Penny says see you tomorrow.


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