Saturday, February 9, 2013

Final Long Run and I Feel Like Crap...

My last long run before the Cowtown Marathon was supposed to be 20 miles. By the time I went to bed Friday night I really wasn't feeling that well. I was tired and went to bed early and ended up sleeping horribly.

The plan was to meet Anne at about ten til 6 to head to the College of Education on campus for an organized run. Rochelle joined us and we setted into a very comfortable 6 mile run to start the morning off.

After Shaun Martin offered a Navajo blessing, sprinkled some corn pollen and lead the group in a yell, we headed off towards the east and the rising sun. We did about a two mile loop before we had our first water stop. There was a pretty big group with some of our Saturday regulars and a bunch of others and it felt like an organized race. The pace was pretty speedy and after the first stop, Rochelle and Anne headed towards home and Sarah (the newest addition to our regular group) settled into a pace that wouldn't kill me for a total of 20 miles.

Did I mention that when I woke up I was not really feeling it? My throat was pretty scratchy and my head was pretty stuffy, but I was going to push through and get it done. It was not an easy day for me. There was more than my fair share of snot, lots of wind, and even some sprinkles near the end.

You know, I have meet the best people through running. The women that I have been lucky enough to pound the pavenemt with. Anne and Rochelle got up to meet me at the crack of dawn so I wouldn't have to run alone, and Sarah stuck with me for the rest of the day. I am very thankful for my amazing, supportive friends. I could go on and on about the others that weren't there for this particular run.

In all we ended up with 18.25 miles in 2 hours and 53 minutes. The pace was a little slower than my marathon goal pace, and I never really settled into the cofortable pace and feeling of the first six miles. There was no definite route for the final four miles or so and when it started sprinkling on us Sarah and I ended up calling it a day.

I came home and did the best I could to take care of myself. Ice, hot shower, protein, compression and food.

Then I got to go get something really awesome.

The new Garmin Forerunner 10, and it's pink, and it actually fits my super tiny wrists. It's also super cute. Did I say that it's pink? It comes in green and I considered changing it up a little and getting that one, but I decided I would stick with my favorite color. I can't wait to try it out on Tuesday.


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