Sunday, February 3, 2013

Brownies and My New Favorite Yoga Pose...

I have no desire to watch the Super Bowl, and I don't even get very excited about the commercials anymore. When I got home from yoga the power went out in the stadium so I did have some Twitter entertainment for a little while.

Rocky is sick of the big game too.

My Sunday night yoga class had a different instructor tonight. It's funny how comfortable you get with how someone teaches and how different it seems when someone new leads the practice. Lots and lots of chaturanga dandasana to up dog to down dog. My arms are tired.

I discovered a my new favorite yoga pose.

I, of course, could never reach my toes with my legs straight, or even not straight so I used a strap. The girl leading the class helped me to keep my opposite shoulder on the ground while getting my super tight runner's hips to relax into the pose. It is so hard for me to get my hips to let go, even a little bit, and the stretch I got out of this pose was amazing.

Josh went to the grocery store with me today. It was so nice, they were handing out brownies when we walked in.

Not sure why I can't take a picture in focus. It made me want to make some brownies. Since I have not been all about the baking lately (I really need to snap out of it), I decided to get a boxed brownie mix. Don't judge me, I even bought a package of Oreos. I think my kiddos are wondering what is wrong with me, Carson has been having marshmallows for dessert lately. Mom of the year.

So in all of about five minutes I whipped up a batch of brownies and 40 minutes later they were pretty perfect.

A brownie + dark chocolate almond milk = best dessert ever.

Looking forward to no running and no yoga tomorrow. Hope everyone has a happy Monday.


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