Sunday, February 10, 2013

Daddy Daughter Dance...

Last night, Josh and the girls got all dressed up and headed to the Daddy Daughter Dance put on by the Norman Parks and Recreation department. This was the fifth time they have gone and the third year in a row that Hailey, Hannah and Paige have come too.

The girls and I picked out their outfits at Target a few weeks ago. They have never been very interested in being super fancy, and while Camy likes dresses for something like this Carson usually prefers skirts.

Camy wanted me to straighten her hair, and Carson wanted her's curly. Could they be more different? I don't think so.

I love that my girls want to do this year after year with Josh. They are lucky to have such a great dad.

They headed off to dinner, though not as early as I thought they should have, and meet up with Hannah, Hailey and Paige and Brock and Shawn.

Camy looks like she is having a great time waiting at the restaurant.

Because it took longer than they had hoped at dinner they didn't get to dance the night away for as long as they wanted to at the dance. They still had a great time, got to see some friends, and got in some dancing.

I had takeout and caught up on some shows on the DVR.

Spring rolls and teryaki veggies with fried rice from O Asian Fusion. Yum.

The girls came home and Carson got in bed with me and we watched a little Big Bang Theory. After another night of not sleeping very well I got up and headed to Urgent Care. I got some meds for my sinus infection and I sure hope I feel better in the morning.


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