Saturday, January 26, 2013


When my alarm went off at just after 5 am on Saturday, I was in the middle of dreaming that I had overslept and missed my run.

I was up and out the door before 6 to meet Ro at Rock Creek ad 12th for the six mile run to OK Runner. Ro had quite a scare on the way to meet me when a truck slowed down and then stopped in front of where she was running. She got a little speed work in for sure.

18 miles in 2 hours and 45 minutes. I had some solo miles near the end and in the last mile I kept myself going by telling myself "I can do it" over and over again. I really think it helped get me through that last mile. I really need to put some good run music on my iPod shuffle to help get me through the solo miles. I am looking forward to dropping back to 12 miles next weekend, but I've got to long runs coming up after that.

My legs definitely didn't feel as good as they did last weekend. As usual I did ice, hot shower, compression socks, and some protein.

I was worried this was going to be gross, but I was pleasantly surprised. It tasted like a vanilla milkshake.

I went with a double shot of grape Nuun in my water bottle.

I was really hungry for breakfast, but the place we wated to go to was packed. We settled on The Garage. We had chips and queso.

I went for the garden tacos.

We shared the garlic parmesan fries.

I was a good long run Saturday.


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