Thursday, January 3, 2013

Three Down...

It's always nice when the day feels like a Monday but is actually a Wednesday and that much closet to the weekend.

How random is this? Josh and I used to live in an apartment in northwest Oklahoma City and there was just a story on the news about an apartment fire there. Crazy!

The kiddos went back to school today, they didn't even get two full weeks off for the holidays. Their vacation was six days shorter than their day's was. Let me say they were in fabulous moods this morning when they got up, they did get a little more cheerful by the time I left for work. Maybe they were just hungry when they woke up.

No running or working out today, we were supposed to be doing Pilates with Patti, but that was cancelled so this week Wednesday=rest day. That's okay with me. I had time to get my hair colored before work this morning.

I gave up spending big bucks on getting my hair colored a couple of years ago. Now I a super cheap and do my hair in a Dave Ramsey approved fashion.

I bout this a while ago and I have no idea how much it cost me. When I feel like my roots are getting darker (Read: dingy) than I like I just spray a little on my roots and pull out the hair dryer. No actual sun needed.

About four months ago or so I stopped drying my hair on a regular basis, so I had to commit to the 11 minutes it takes to blow dry my hair now.

I was going to post a picture of my wash and go style, but every picture I have of me I am in running clothes and my hair is pulled back.

This picture is from October. You would think I live in running clothes and pony tails.

Anyway, here is how it turned out. I don't think my hair has ever been this long. The secret is to never have a hair appointment scheduled and then you aren't compelled to chop it all off.

I received a package at work today from a company that we do business with, it had chocolate in it. So I had an afternoon chocolate snack today.

Chocolate makes me happy.


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